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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Send Free Vaisakhi Ecards Online - Punjabi Greetings

Vaisakhi (Punjabi: ਵਿਸਾਖੀ) visākhī) is a festival celebrated from corner to corner in the northern India, mostly in the Punjab county by the Sikh group of people.

More recently, this festival is also celebrated around the world by Sikh diaspora. For the Sikh group of people this festival commemorates the establishment & organization of the Khalsa. It is also celebrated by Hindus people Buddhists people for different reasons including the start of a new year. People in the Punjab Region regard Vaisakhi as a harvest festival.

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Thursday, 6 March 2014


A greeting card is the most popular way of greeting people. There are hundreds of greeting cards mailed on a daily basis. These birthday cards are bought at any grocery store or card store and can become quite expensive to send.

An e-card greeting is economical & less expensive and can be sent in animation with full effects or a still, life scene. An e-card can be sent easily, instantly and to wide range of people in less time. It saves your time and money. Free greeting e-cards are available for any occasion as well including holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. It's a lot more eco-friendly to go electronic and, let's face it, everyone appreciates when someone gets the e-card suddenly in their mail.

Many times people are so busy they forget to buy a card in advance. This means they are often late in wishing one happy birthday or occasion. There are several things people can do to overcome these obstacles. Birthday e -cards can be sent and serve as a resolution to this issue. These e-cards come in various ways to help celebrate a one's birthday or occasion. E-cards can be sent to one's email account on one's birthday or occasion.

E-cards are taking the place of a traditional greeting card. The reason is many e-cards are available online for free. There are many sites to access and send free birthday e-cards. Other innovative techniques are used to send a birthday greeting card. One new and unique way to send a greeting is by text messaging. Text messaging capability on phones is a major form of communication.

Many people today have unlimited cell phone text messaging capability. Several companies use this ability to send a birthday greeting card. The text message appears as a traditional birthday card would. A traditional birthday card has a picture on the front cover. The inside has a personal birthday greeting and special message. Online birthday cards are created just like these traditional forms.

These birthday greetings are also called e-cards sent via a cell phone. E-cards for a birthday come in many selections, styles, and designs. They represent the same types of greeting cards one may purchase. E-cards are available in humorous or sentimental styles. Therefore, one can send a humorous e-card to a friend or co-worker. Family members can receive more sentimental e-cards if desired.

Animated versions of e-cards for any occasion greeting are available. This is one of the benefits of using online e-cards to send to people. The animation provided by graphics can enhance one's message. E-cards for one's birthday allow a person to send a personal message. This special message can be added to the inside of birthday e-cards. E-cards for a birthday are becoming popular as they are easy to send.

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

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